Internal auditing is a quality control and assurance mechanism undertaken by Internal Audit Department. The Department reports directly to the Chief Executive of the centre.


The responsibility of internal audit is as enshrined in the chapter 20 of The Financial Regulations and summarized to include the following:

  • Review of various management control systems, i.e. internal control (Financial, administrative to ensure their level is sound, adequate and compliant.
  • Safeguarding the assets of the Centre.
  • To ensure that amount grant/income and transfer as well as all revenues generated by the centre are fully accounted for.
  • To ensure that all contracts/purchases are made in conformity with the laid down procedures and other extent laws.
  • To ensure all receipts and payments are dully authorized before vouchers are raised in order to avoid irregularities.
  • Check the stores from time to time to ensure that all issues and receipts are duly authorized and corrected balance on bin cards be tested periodically and cross checked with the store ledger.
  • Shall always pay attention to the center’s payroll on monthly basis and this must be done before salaries are paid every month.
  • Go through assets: both asset and liabilities register are scrutinized at least once in a month to ensure that newly acquired assets and liabilities have been properly posted in to ledgers from subsidiary books of entries.


The Number of staff in the department are:
- 12 senior staff
- 3 junior staff


The following are the various units in the department:

  • Financial Audit Unit
  • Project Audit Unit
  • Special Audit Unit
  • Final Account Audit Unit
  • Personnel Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit is headed by Mal Bappah A. Shalumma, a member of the Top Management Committee.