Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State

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The Dental Surgery Department deals with the preventive and curative procedures of oral diseases while promoting a greater awareness of oral health.
The Department is made up of four (4) main arms:

Oral & Maxilofacial Surgery/Pathology:
Dealing with the management of oral lesions & pathologies such as Ludwing's angina, trauma & Neoplasms, etc.
Restorative Dentistry:
Dealing with the fabrication of removable partial dentures, temporary and permanent restorations, root canal treatment, etc.
Preventive Dentistry:
Deals with procedures aim at optimizing oral health and curtailing development of Oral disease e.g Scaling, Polishing and Oral health education e.t.c.
Child Dental Health:
is concerned with procedures aimed at promoting development of good dentition and management of childhood oral conditions

The Department runs its clinic from 8am to 4pm from Mondays - Fridays at FMC New Site, with emergency cases being catered for at the A&E Ward after working hours and during weekends. Patients are seen as outpatients, with admissions made in the Male and Female Surgical Ward of the Centre for surgery and care.