Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity


Dietetics Unit takes care of both in and outpatents with disease-related conditions. The Unit is concerned with the promotion of good health through proper nutrition habits, regulation of diet, identifying nutritional problems, providing a diet plan and counseling patients on diet modification.
Nutritional Counseling is a form of help given to patients at all stages of health, before, during and after a phase of disease condition. It takes many forms, including general counseling, one-to-one counseling and food demonstration.


The services offered include:

The unit provides high protein, high energy pap [kwashpap] for malnourished children admitted in the ward [EPU\PMW]. It also helps in the preparation of therapeutic omlet for patient with diabetes, hypertension, liver disease, kidney disease, etc.

Nutritional Rehabilitation

This is a way of providing nutritional help at the various stages of their sickness. As highlighted above, patients require active counseling when they are admitted and after their discharge to maintain good health.