Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State - Nigeria

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Accident and Emergency Department is the unit of the Hospital responsible for the provision of medical and surgical care to patients with acute, severe or urgent illness and or injuries. It is the major entry point to the Hospital for critical ill patients without prior appointment, arriving by their own or by ambulance.

Accident and Emegency Complex at the Old Site

The Accident and Emergency Department works in conjunction with social welfare unit to provide the needed critical care for people with special need. adequate provisions were also made for patients on trolley/wheel chair to be mobilize in/out.


Accident and Emergency department provides resuscitation with or without immediate lifesaving care for the following categories of patients:

Due to critical nature of patients' condition at presentation, accident and emergency department triage and provide initial treatment for broad spectrum of illness and injuries. These includes:
  1. Head and Spinal code injuries
  2. Open/close fractures
  3. Abdominal injuries
  4. Blunt chest injury
  5. Burns
  6. Peritonitis
  7. Acute/chronic urinary retention
  8. Musculoskeletal infection
  9. Dislocation
  10. Severe astihma
  11. Sepsis
  12. Poisoning
  13. Hypertensive emergency
  14. Complicated DM
  15. Animal bite
  16. Sickle cell crisis
  17. Diarrhoeal illness
  18. Stroke
  19. Cardiac arrest
Procedures carried out at the accident and emergency department are:

Patient being attended in resuscitation cubicle.

Staff Strength

The department is headed by an Orthopoaedic trauma surgeon Dr. Jimoh Lamidi

Ward rounds in the A & E Ward

All Accident And Emergency conditions and accepted in the department and all cases offered resusccitation and stabilisation are either transferred to other departments of the hospital, discharged home or referred to other facilities.