Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity


Environmental Health Unit, Old Site.


Environmental Health Department in Federal Medical Centre, Azare was established on 5thNovember, 2001. It started with one (1) senior staff and few numbers of cleaners who were responsible for the maintenance of cleanliness of the Hospital Physical Environment. Presently, Internal and External cleaning have been outsourced.
It is headed by Mal Hassan Sambo, a Chief Environmental Health Officer.


The services provided by the Department includes Cleanliness of the Hospital and its surroundings, Cleaning of public toilets, disposal of entire Health Care Waste, Landscaping and Horticultural services and its maintenance,Health inspection of public buildings, Fumigation and pest control services.


To ensure general cleanliness of the Centre and maintained Health safety standard.


By maintaining a clean healthy and disease free Environment.

Environmental Health Staff working on Admin Block landscape.


In compliance with the National Policy on Injection Safety and Health Care Waste Management (2007), the Hospital Management had provided a mechanical incinerator for disposal of hazardous waste streams.
The Department among other working facilities possesses some number of motorised knapsack sprayers, manual knapsack sprayers, swing fog machine and many varieties of pest control chemicals.


Presently there are 12 staff in the department as follows:

  1. 1 Chief Environmental Health Officer
  2. 1 Senior Environmental Health Officer
  3. 1 Environmental Health Officer
  4. 1 Environmental Health Technician
  5. 2 Environmental Health Assistant
  6. 7 Health Attendants


The department often receives students of Environmental Health or other relevant courses for Industrial Training Experience. Also, the Department conducts in-house training related to health issues.