Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State - Nigeria

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity


The Establishment Unit is one of the core units under Administration Department of the Centre and the unit is sub divided into six (6) major sections as outlined below:

  1. Senior Staff Establishment Section.
  2. Junior Staff Establishment Section.
  3. Pension Desk Section.
  4. Open Registry.
  5. Secret Registry.
  6. Secretarial Pool


Nominal roll desk is a section under Establishment Unit, chaired by an Admin Officer II and supervised by the Head of Establishement saddle with the following responsibilities:


Secretarial Pool is a section under the Administration Department, headed by an Assistant Chief Confidential Secretary and supervised by the Head of Establishement with the following responsibilities:


The Establishment Unit generally performs the following functions:

The Centre presently has a total of 1415 Staff comprising 1010 Senior, and 405 Junior, Staff.

The Unit is Headed by: Malal Yusuf Shuaibu

Head of Establishment: Mal. Yusuf Shuaibu