Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State - Nigeria

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity


Establishment Unit

Head of Establishment, Mal. Yusuf Shuaibu.


The Establishment Unit is one of the core units under Administration Department and the unit is sub divided into five (5) major sections as outlined below:

  1. Senior Staff Establishment Section.
  2. Junior Staff Establishment Section.
  3. Leave Matters
  4. Pension Desk.
  5. Norminal Roll Desk
  6. Open Registry.
  7. Secret Registry.
  8. Secreteriate Pool

In Charge Registry, Mal Abubakar Saddeeq Umar and his staff. The Registry is part of the Centre's Establishment Unit.


The Establishment Unit generally performs the following functions:

The Centre presently has a total of 1327 Staff comprising 829 Senior, and 498 Junior, Staff.


In Nigeria, the pension Reform Act 2004 (PRA) governs the framework and procedure for pensions. The PRA establishes a contributory Pension Scheme. The Act was repeals in the year 2014 by PRA 2014 whereby the employers and the employees contribute minimum percentages of the employees' salaries to the scheme every month. The minimum contribution of the employer is 10% and 80& for the employee.
Upon retirement the individual is able to utilize the amount credited to his retirement Savings Account for the following benefit:-

The Federal Medical Center Azare has being in practice of this scheme (i.e PRA) and a lot has retired from the service of the center and almost all received their pension benefit. The Pension Desk is charged with the responsibility of Management the pensopn arrangements of the center's staff.


Registry is a unit under establishment in the center, where administrative records are kept, for smooth running of the organization. Registry is all about information and record keeping of open and secret mails, receiving and dispatching of mails and save the record of each staff of the center, both open and secret for serving and retired staff of the organization for reference purposes. These record are often referred to as mails which are in various categories of files/cabinets.