Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity



The department is headed by a Chief Accountant who co-ordinates all the financial activities on behalf of the management of the centre. He has the login role of reviewing all uploaded paymets through GIFMIS platform and all payments through TSA(REMITTA GATEWAY PLATFORM). He signs all schedules of payments, attend to all management meeting and all other activities involving finances in the centre. The Head of dept. is deputized by Assist.Chief Accountant who also has the login role of reviewing uploaded payments and also assist in over seeing the overall activities in the department.
The Finance and supplies department is divided into two (2) major divisions namely:
1. Finance and Accounts Division
2. Supplies and Purchases Division


The division is mainly responsible for every financial transaction (maintenance of books of prime entries) and preparation of final accounts with all notes to the financial statements. Finance and accounts division is sub-divided into nine units as follows:

  1. Consolidation unit
  2. Budget unit
  3. Final Accounts Unit.
  4. Main Accounts(Book Keeping)
  5. Central pay office (CPO)
  6. Other charges Unit
  7. Salary Unit
  8. Loans and Advances Unit
  9. Revenue Unit
  10. National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) Unit
  11. Revolving Scheme Unit
  12. Billing Unit