Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State - Nigeria

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity



The General Administration is a unit under Administration Department tasked with the responsibility of utility services such as electricity bills, feeding, accomodation of the Centre's Guests and to ensure security and safety in the Hospital environment.

The General adminsitration Unit is Headed by Sanusi Umar Chinade

Sanusi Umar Chinade

The schedule of duties of the unit are as follows:

  1. Feeding and Accommodation:
    The Centre receives numerous official guests ranging from locum Doctors, officials from various Ministries and Departments and Board of Management members. Some of these guests are accommodated at the Centre’s various Guest Houses while others are kept in Hotels.
  2. Security and Safety
    The Unit provides and maintains a comfortable, safety and secure physical working environment to it's Staff and Patients.
  3. The Unit also acts as a secreteriat for committees such as;
  4. Loans Committee:
    The Committee evaluates, decides and recommends loan applications to the Management for approval
  5. Junks Disposal:
    Unserviceable items are documented and auctioned to staff members in order to tidy up the Hospital’s environment as well as to motivate the staff.
  6. Board of Survey on Damaged & Expired Drugs:
    The Committee verifies lists of damaged and expired drugs and reports to the Top Management Committee for destruction.