The General Out-Patient Department (GOPD) is one othe major entry points into the Hospital thus fondly called the face/gate of the Hospital. It is the first points of contact for patients seeking healthcare services in Hospital. It offers comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic medical care to patients, aged 15 years and above, with undifferentiated health conditions, irrespective of sex or disease conditions. GOPD became fully operational in June 2001 and it is now headed by a fellow of the National Post Graduate Medical College of Nigeria (Family Medicine) in person of Dr. Muhammed A. Zakari, FMCFM, MWACP
Our Team of dedicated professional are trained and equipped to provide quality first contact care.

GOPD Complex at the Permanent Site


  1. Structure:
    The department is easily accessible and located within GOPD complex at the hospital's permanent site (BAMAKO). It is equipped with areas for patient's registration, consultation, triage, wound dressing/injection, cash payment, pharmacy, etc.

  2. Departmental Activities:
    • Dialy out-patient clinics (8AM - 9PM)
    • Weekend/Public Holiday Clinics (9AM - 2PM)
    • Departmental Seminars/Clinical Presentations (Wednesdays 8AM - 9AM).

  3. Scope of Services:
    • Primary Out-patient Medical Care for General Conditions.
    • Co-ordinations of Patients care with other Specialities in the centre.
    • Immediate admission of emergency cases via the emergency department.
    • Periodic adult medical examinations.
    • Pre-Employment evaluation, pre-marital screening, etc.
    • Issuance of Medical Reports, Certificate of Fitness.
    • Screening and early detection of communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, retrovial diseases, etc.
    • Health Education and preventive counselling.

Triage Unit: Client vitals are recorded prior to consultation by an able team of triage staff


  • 2 Consultant Family Physicians
  • 1 Principal Medical Officer
  • 1 Senior Medical Officer
  • 2 Medical Officers

There is also a compliment of Nurses, Pharmacy Staff, Health Information Officers, Revenue collectors, Administrative Staff, SERVICOM Staff, Cleaners, Security, Health Assistants/Attendants, etc.

Patients in line for cunsultation at the GOPD. At the table are Records Officers who retrieve folders.


Dr. Muhammed A. Zakari, FMCFM, MWACP