The Health Information Department is the first point of contact for patients in the Hospital. It is under the clinical services directorate. The department has the primary responsibility of ensuring accurate documentation of patients health information during his/her encounter with the hospital services either as an outpatient or inpatient. The department ensures accurate and timely documentation, its filing and retrieval, using the appropriate index to provide the facts needed for research purposes. It compiles and presents statistics of various clinical activities in the hospital.

The Modern Health Information Management Department


Generally the Department is responsible for Registration, Documentation of cases into the Hospital Services and also serve as the custodian of Patient's records. The following are other functions of the Health Information Department:

  1. Documentation and Registration of Patients (24hrs Service)
  2. Sorting. Filing and Retrieval of Patients case notes
  3. Booking of patients for appointment and making sure the patient's folder are available before the clinic day or appointment date
  4. Issuing of Medical Records consumbale to vatious Departments
  5. Compilation of Statistical reports from various clinics, wards and departments of the hospital
  6. Release of patients information for administrative, research and education purposes
  7. monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS activities
  8. Coding and Indexing of patients diagnosis
  9. Ensures the confidentiality of Health Information in the hospital
  10. To initiate patient records i.e. for new out-patient, new admissions and Accident and Emergencies.
  11. To keep into custody the out-patient cards and case folders.
  12. To release health records information when required.
Staff Retrieving Patient Folder


Presently the following is our price list which is subject to review periodically.

  • GOPD Folder for Adults = N400
  • Paediatrics Folder = N200
  • Specialty Folder = N600
  • Collection of Death Certificate = N1000
  • Collection of Medical Certificate of Fitness = N1000
  • Accident and Emergency Folder = N500
  • Renewal of Patient Reference Hand Card = N200
  • Consultaion Fees(Specialty Clinics) = N200
  • Consultaion Fees(GOPD) = N200
  • Consultaion Fees(POPD) = N100
  • Medical Report within Nigeria = N2000
  • Medical Report Abroad = N5000


The Department of Health Information is manned by the following officers and supporting staff:

  • 11 Health Information Officers
  • 31 Health Records Technicians
  • 3 Statisticians
  • 1 Scientific Officer
  • 68 Clerical Staff


The Department is headed by Abdulkadir B. Shira

Abdulkadir B. Shira