Department of Medicine is one of the Department under the Clinical Services Directorate that attends to Adult with acute and chronic medical conditions brought to the Centre. The department has various Unit:

  • Male Medical Ward
  • Female Medical Ward
  • Medical Outpatient Clinics
  • Diagnostic Units (ECG, ECHO, EDOSCOPY

Services Provision and Delivery

  1. Outpatient Services/Consultations by Medical Officers and Consultant
    • Twice a week medical outpatient care
    • Daily emergency coverage
  2. Care of Male and Female inpatients by means of Consultant ward rounds, Medical Officers ward rounds, House Officers ward round and Call Duty.
  3. Emergency Medical Servies at the Medical Emergency section
  4. Review of patients with medical co-morbidities admitted in other departments like O&G, Surgery, etc.
  5. Diagnostic Services: ECG, Echocardiography

Inpatient Services:

  • Daily ward rounds, including Consultant rounds on Mondays and Thrusdays.


The Department has 4 Consultants in various specialties.

  1. Infectious Diseases Physician
  2. Cardiologist
  3. Endocranologist
  4. Neurologist
  5. 1 Senior Registrar (in Nephrology)
  6. 10 Medical Officers


  • Daily Electrocardiography service
  • Weekly endocardiography service.

The department is headed by Dr. Umar Faruk Dahuwa, MBBS, FWACP