CAO Aminu J. Nakaka, Head of MAC Unit


The Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) Secretariat otherwise known as the Clinical Services and Training Unit is under the Directorate of Clinical Services.

The staff consists of Chief Admin Officer, Admin Officers, Executive Officers, Con-Secs and Clerical Officers who are originally Admin staff but operationally on posting to the Clinical Services.

The Units performs the following functions:

  • Coordinating Training matters (Short Courses, Long Courses, IT, SIWES Practicals and Internship).
  • Servicing of meetings of the following standing Committees:
    1. Top Management Committee (TMC).
    2. Medical Advisory Committee (MAC).
    3. Training Committee (TC).
    4. Drugs Revolving Funds Committee (DRFC).
    5. Hospital Services Revolving Funds Coordinating Committee (HSRFCC).
    6. Hospital Clinical Presentation Committee(HCPC).
    7. HIV Committee.
    8. Sports Committee.
    9. Ethics and Research Committee
    10. Security Committee
    11. Infection Prevention and Control Committee
    12. Blood Transfusion Committee
    13. Accreditation Committee etc
  • Implementing and executing the resolutions of these committees.
  • Arranging for accreditation visits.
  • Treating files, writing reports, letters and minutes.
  • Monitoring of staff on training.

MAC Unit is headed by the Chief Admin Officer as part of his schedules.