The Medical Library is the intellectual center of the hospital, providing reading materials in all disciplines for staff to cater for the research and continuous education needs. It was wstablished in the year 2007 with the facilities of 24 readers at onec. It is headed by Ibrahim Khalil Datti, CLN. The Library has e-libraries at Radiology, Paediatrics and Eye complex all at permanent site.

Special Collections
Special Collections section at the Medical Library.

Mission Statement

The library’s mission is to provide staff with current and broad spectrum information resources to support medical research needs of `the hospital, in order to boost effective and efficient service delivery to clients. To fulfill this mission with effectiveness and efficiency, the library is committed to the following:

  • Build collection and create tools to support medical research.
  • Provide access to research materials through use of local and external information resources.
  • Create new ideas through the use of ICT to adapt to new information systems.
  • Ensure preservation of library resources to stay long in use.
  • Develop, encourage skills, commitment, sustain expertise, and innovative spirit in its staff.
  • Create hospitable physical and virtual environment for study, and research activities.


The Library provides the following services to its patrons: <

  • Organization and disemination of information materials through conventional and e-library system
  • Maintenance of atmospheric reading environment to encourage reading culture among staff
  • Provision of free access to information resources to all categories of users, staff or otherwise.
  • Conducive reading atmosphere to enhance research and learning.
  • Book loan service to registered users of the library.
  • Sustain subscription of medical journal and related information materials.
  • Presevation and conservation of library holdings.


The Library has:

  • 1 Professional librarians
  • 3 Clerical Staff
  • 1 Staff on course


The library operates from:

  1. 8:00am - 9:00pm (Monday - Friday)
  2. 9:00am - 2:00pm (Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday

Main Book Section
Book Shelf: The Library features a diverse collection of literature on a wide range of topics.


The library holdings are mostly medical books while others were, finance, Administrative, computer and other related discipline with a reasonable number of journals, government publications and many staff research works.


  • Relatively small and quiet library with personalized seating for privacy.
  • Sufficient seating and writing materials.
  • Medical books.
  • Serial publications.
  • Reference materials.
  • Modern double-sided shelves.
  • Separate magazine stand.


Ibrahim Khalil Datti, CLN