Health Insurance is a security system that guarantees the provision of needed health services to persons on the payment of token contributions at regular interval. NHIS is a body set up by decree 35, of 1999 (Now Act,35) operating as public partership and directed at providing accessible, affordable and qualitative healthcare services to all Nigerians. The programme was launched by the government in June 2005, and NHIS FMC Azare started operation in Jaunary 2006.

NHIS Clinical Team. Front row from right: In-Charge, Consultant and Medical Officer


  1. Regulating NHIS activities between the Centre and the Health Maintenance Organizations such as:
    • Capitation fee
    • Fee for Service
  2. Screening and registration of clients.
  3. Providing Services to NHIS clients such as:-
    • Consultation Services
    • Laboratory Services
    • Pharmaceutical Services
    • Radiology Services
  4. Providing Primary Healthcare Services to NHIS clients for common ailments.
  5. Providing secondary services to NHIS clients by referring patients to specialty clinics for services such as:
    • Medical Services
    • Surgical services
    • ENT Services
    • Dental Services
    • Ophthalmology Services
    • Obstetrics and Gynecology Services
    • Paediatrics Services
    • Physiotherapy Services
    • Optometric etc.
NHIS Departments
In-charge, NHIS Clinic and substaff recording consultations of clients


  • 1 consultant
  • 4 Medical Officers
  • 3 Nurses
  • 1 Desk Officer
  • 3 Admin Staff
  • 4 Record Technicians
  • 1 Accountant


The NHIS clinic is headed by Dr. Usman Iliyasu, FMCFM a consultant in Public Health and a fellow of the West African College of Physicians.

Dr. Usman Iliyasu, FMCFM