The Ophthalmology Department is a clinical specialty section of the centre that offers sepecialized Eye care services to customers and engaged in training and research in eye care delivery system. In addition, the Optometry section conducts eye testing and issues glasses as required.


Services rendered at the Opthalmology Department include:

  • Consultation on various Eye Ailments.
  • Detail Eye examinations (Slit Lamp Bio-microscopy, Tonometry, Gonioscopy and Funduscopy etc.
  • Surgical Services (Cataract Extraction Trabeculectomy, BTR, Ptertygium, Excision etc.)
  • Refraction (Optical Correction of Refractive Errors)
  • Optical Dispensing Services (Lens fitting, tinting, polishing, repairs and sales of frames)
  • Visual Field Assessment/Analysis (For glucoma, other optic nervehead disesse/retina)
  • Tonometry(glucoma)
  • Goniscopy (differentiate angle open from angle closed glucoma)
  • Funduscopy (direct and indirect)for various retinal diseases assessement

Optical Unit - you can get prescribed glasses cut here

Service Schedule:

  • Mondays: Clinic, both old and new patients, optometry clinics
  • Tuesdays: Consultant clinic, admission for surgeries
  • Wednesdays: Theatre day, routine cases, outreach visit
  • Thursdays: Post-op rounds, clinic new and old patients
  • Friday: Post-op discharges presentation 24/7 prompt treatment of emergency cases on call basis

Surgical Services

  • Cataract Surgery
  • Glaucoma Surgery (trabeculectomy)
  • Evisceration + Orbital Implant
  • Enucleation + Orbital Implant
  • Pterygium Excision
  • Conjuctivectony
  • corneal repair
  • Entropion Correction
  • Ectropion Correction
  • Granuloma Excition
  • Lacrimal Probing and Syringing
  • Ptosis Repair
  • Electrolysis


  • 2 Consultants
  • 2 Senior Registrars (On Training)
  • 2 Registrar (On Training
  • 4 Optometrists
  • 1 Medical Officer
  • 7 Opthalmic Nurses
  • 2 Optical Dispensing Technicians
  • 3 Health Attendants


The Department is headed by:

Dr. Tukur Bala Rano, FWACS