Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State - Nigeria

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity


Welcoming Clients

At Federal Medical Center Azare, patients are our top priority. We strive to adequately service their needs during their stay with us. As part of centre efforts to please and satisfy patients, relatives and visitors, this page is created to answer the questions that a new client may need to know prior to his visit. It covers directions for getting to the two sites, the town itself and the means of obtaining and paying for hospital services.


Both the New and Old Sites of the hospital are located at the eastern end of Azare town, along Maiduguri Road. For people coming from the east, it is readily accessible at the first junction coming into Azare.

Location of the 2 sites (outlined in white)

For those coming from the south, i.e. from Bauchi, Misau and other places, the road coming into town (Misau Road) comes directly to Sule Katagum Road, and on reaching the Fire Service Station, one turns right and the Old Site is about 300 meters ahead by the New Town Gate.

The road from the west (Kano, Jigawa and Others) joins directly to Sule Katagum Road at the Bakin Tasha junction, and continues east until it reaches the Hospital and the New Town Gate.
Our services are accessible 24hrs everyday.

Obtaining service


On arriving, a regular client presents his hand card to the Records Officer at the Clinic (GOPD, Speaciality or NHIS) and awaits in line while his folder is retrieved and he/she is called for triage. Triage is the process of taking a client's vital signs like temperature, hearbeat rate, etc. The folder is taken to the doctor and the client is called in for consultation and depending on the need, the doctor may prescribe medication or recommend investigations from the Pathology and Radiology Departments before a prescription is made.
If the client is new to the hospital, he must open a folder at the Health Records service window, normally at the GOPD where he gives his full details and a new folder is opened. He is assigned a unique Unit Number that he uses throughout his interaction with the Center. This number, his names and the Clinic to attend are written on a foldable handcard the patient keeps. All his records of consultation and investigations are kept in his folder for easy reference.


To ensure effective and efficient services delivery, the clients of FMC Azare are expected to abide by the following:

Visiting Hours

The following are the regular visiting hours for inpatients:
Weekdays: 4pm - 6pm
Weekends: 12pm - 6pm

A close relative normally accompanies an admitted patient and stays with him/her patient during the period of admission to keep the patient company and handle errands and other details like purchases and buying medication not available in the Center's Pharmacy. To keep the wards clean, personal items like sleeping mats and blankets are kept in the Patient Relatives' shed where the relatives staying with the patient can sleep, rest and bathe.

Billing and Payments

Services provided by the Center are charged to patient ledgers. Outpatients submit their investigation requests to the Laboratory and pay the costs, then give samples and collect their results. After the doctor has made a prescription, the prescription forms are taken to the Pharmacy where they are costed and paid on the spot. In these two cases, payment is effected at the Revenue Unit collection points at the Lab/Pharmacy.
In-patients on the other hand are admitted and care and medication are administered as required. A patient is required to make an admission deposit and all charges are deducted from the deposit and recorded in the patient's ledger. If the admission takes a very long period, the deposit may get exhausted and he is required to make additional deposit. On discharge, the ledger is balanced and if the patient is owed, the balance is paid back to the patient immediately and he is free to go.
Similarly, patients that have to undergo surgery make a deposit and the surgery and medication costs are deducted therefrom.

Patient Relatives Shed

The Patients Relatives Shed, all the convenience of home for patient relatives.

Realizing the importance of our clients. Management from the onset planned to ease Patients Relatives stay in the Centre by providing a large shed, popularly known as the Patient Relatives' Shed, which has water and electricity, for relatives that accompanied inpatients. There, they can rest during working hours, clean and wash their items and have the convenience of a home away from home. It saves them the cost and inconvenience of hotel bookings.