Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State

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The department provides general physiotherapy services with high quality in-patient and outpatient care for patient with the needs of physiotherapy treatment. A team of therapist with mixed skill delivers the services from different specialties. We strive to offer a comprehensive individualized patient focused care that is evidenced based . Every patient is managed with dignity, courtesy, and with individualized case management.

In summary we attend to patients on referral basis from all clinical departments within this and other hospitals.


Administration of physiotherapy services are rendered by the physiotherapist during working hours and call duty commences after closing hours till the next morning and during weekends and public holidays. Treatment is given after thorough history taking and an assessment to reach a physical diagnosis.

Therapist evaluating patient to reach a diagnosis.

Generally the patients are categorized into in-patient and outpatient so also the therapist, those that came for outpatient follow up were treated in the cubicles and mini gymnasium available within the department while in-patients are treated at various wards within the hospital. The clinic is run from Mondays to Fridays and for convenience it is scheduled as follows:


The Dept has 3 treatment cubicles and a mini-gymnasium. Patient consultation and treatment is done during workday hours 8am-4pm, while call starts after work hours. Wednesdays are for clinical presentations, Consultant ward rounds and departmental meetings.

  1. Assistant Director - 1
  2. Senior Physiotherapists (Orthopaedic and other) - 2
  3. Physiotherapists - 4
  4. Health Assistants - 2
  5. Senior Health Attendants - 3


The following conditions are treated in the Department:

  1. Cerebrovascular accident (stroke)
  2. Arthritis
  3. Low Back Pains
  4. Chest conditions
  5. Cerebral palsy
  6. Head injured patient with neurological deficit
  7. Spinal injured patients
  8. Facial nerve palsy
  9. Peripheral nerve injuries
  10. Limitation of movement from fractures
  11. In-patient orthopedic cases
  12. In-patient pediatric cases
  13. Obstetric palsy
  14. Erbs palsy
  15. Ischemic contracture
  16. Congenital anomalies
  17. Weight reduction classes



Equipment available:
Work in physiotherapy always depends on availability of a lot of equipment, and in that respect, we are well equipped to serve our clientele effectively and efficiently.

Physiotherapist treating patient with hand injury using ultrasound machine.

Physiotherapist treating patient with back pain using the T.E.N.S. (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator).

Infrared Lamp for treatment of neck pain. It is the commonest modality of treatment used in Physiotherapy for treatment of musculo-skeletal disorders.

Treatment of non-specific neck pain with a cervical traction device.

Staircase - used for rehabilitation of stroke patients to improve symmetrical weight bearing in the lower limbs.

Sitting education using CP Chair - children with cerebral palsy have to be taught to sit.

Cycle Ergometer - is a form of aerobic exercise device used both by patients and clients for weight reduction classes.

Parallel bars - used for reeducating patients with musculo-skeletal problems to learn to stand and walk.

Reciprocal Pulley - used for shoulder mobilization.

Quadricep Bench - helps patients with knee stiffness regain mobility in the knee joints.

Paediatric Walker (Rolator) - for walking training in children.

Standing Box - for standing training in children.

Treadmill - another form of aerobic exercise device. It is used for gait retraining in stroke patients.

Paraffin Wax Machine - used to treat extremities in patients with musculo-skeletal disorders.

Wall ladder - another form of shoulder mobilizer.

Wrist Exerciser for training hand pronation and supination

Physiotherapy Consumables Store. We provide prosthetics and Orthotics such as: Wheelchair, crutches, cervical collars, back slabs, walking frames and sticks, etc.