M Procurement Unit | Admin Dept

Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State - Nigeria

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity


Department of Administration

Habu Umar
Principal Admin. Officer (Gen. Duties)


Procurement Unit is the unit that is responsible for catering goods, works and services for the centre, in compliance with the provision of the Public Procurement ACT 2007 due to process.
The overall process of procurement is acquiring of goods, works and service, from the identication of need to contract administration through the end of a services, contract or the useful life of an asset.
The Unit in the Centre is responsible for all acqusition of goods, works and services at the best possible total cost of ownership, in the right quantity and quality at the right time, in the right place for the direct benefit time of the public generaly, via contract with the aim of achieving value for money in a fair, transparent, efficient and equitable manner.


The Unit is headed by Assistant Chieg Procurement Officer and Senior Procurement Officer.

The schedule of duties of the unit are as follows:

  1. Capital Projects Procurement:
    The unit is responsible for all capital procurement processes which includes advertisement, tendering process, evaluation & analysis of document and awards.
  2. Routine Procurement:
    It also part of the duties of the unit to conduct processes of providing consumables for Theatre, Radiology, Pathology and Pharmacy/NHIS Drugs on quarterly basis. This involves analysis of the submissions from the company representations to the Tenders board for approval.
  3. Small Procurement:
    The Unit is responsible for conducting small procurements through direct purchase by obtaining prices, processes and recommendations for Management approvals.
  4. Tender Board:
    The Unit serves as a secreteriate of the centres Tender Board. This involve preparing meetings, invitation and presentation during meetings.
  5. Procurement Planning Committee:
    The unit in conjunction with the planning unit prepare and present the need assessment of the centre to the Procurement Planning Committee.
  6. Procurement Records:
    The unit keeps and prepare Annual Procurement Records and submit to the Bereau of Public Procurement yearly as stipulated in Public Procurement ACT 2007.
  7. Achievements So Far

    Some of the Major Achievements of the unit is involves process and completion of major projects such as construction of Trauma Center, Paediatrics Complex, Radiology Complex, Female Medical Ward, Walkways, Road Network, Surrounding Landscaping and more at the Permanent Site.