The Information and Protocol Unit handles matter relating to information management and the mandate of promoting the image of the Centre which entails myriad of activities. As the name of the Unit implies, it is committed to gathering information on the events and activities taking place in the Centre on daily basis with a view to disseminating the information in the form of news to the general public in order to promote the good image of the Centre. The Unit serves as the mouthpiece and image maker of the Centre and to create mutual understanding and harmonious working relationship between the Centre, Staff and the host community through Public Relations activities.

Section of the Unit

There are different sections in the Unit as there staff that have been allocated with various schedules and responsibilities in order to ensure the smooth running of the affairs of the Unit as highlighted below:

    The Information and Protocol Unit is responsible for the collation, editing and production of all the Centre’s publications approved by the Management which include:
    • News Flash
    • News Bulletin
    • Annual Report
    • Operational Hand Book
    • Handbills and Pamphlets e.t.c
    In addition, the monthly Newsflash is now accessible Online every month on the duly recognised group by the Management for easy reading and any other important information like the Yearly Leave Roaster.
    This section of the Information and Protocol Unit is responsible for liaising with all the media stations be it print, electronic or online in order to keep the stations abreast on the activities of the Centre.
    The Information and Protocol Unit helps in organizing and anchoring events in order to ensure strict compliance with protocol for the purpose of avoiding crisis/conflict and is achieved through strategic planning so that all important events are conducted in the formal way as approved by the Management. Being the mouthpiece of the Centre, all Public Address Systems (PAS) are kept in the Information Unit in order to help the Management use them at the appropriate time such as large gathering of clients/staff during an occasion.
    This is a section under the Information and Protocol Unit and is responsible for the internal communication through the use of the Intercom and also ensures that television services are provided at the designated points within the Centre. The Telephone and Television services are rendered 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week.
    The Radio Room which broadcast radio services is located at the Centre’s permanent site (Bamako). The Radio Room is under the direct supervision of the Information and Protocol Unit. The Radio Room is airing programmes related to healthcare delivery in order to create awareness among staff and visitors to the Centre.
The Unit is provided with the needed equipment to keep the memories of the Centre alive through the capturing of events on motion and still cameras thereby reproducing the contents on the needed flat forms as required by the Management. We have a library for the storage of video tapes, CD plates and audio tapes as part of information storage facility.