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Bauchi State - Nigeria

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Dr. Muhammad Auwal Muhammad


New Radiology Complex
Dr. Muhammad Auwal Muhammad


New Radiology Complex
New Radiology Complex at the Permanent Site.

The Department is headed by a Consultant Radiologist supported by a team of other Consultant Radiologists, Medical Officers, Radiographers and technicians. Services are provided daily under 6 broad units as follows:



This involves the use of ultrasound machines for the study of the following body parts:

Ultrasound scanning

The machines available are portable machines, 6D Mindray Ultrasonography and the new 4D GE ultrasound machines. The last two machines have doppler capabilities:


Mammo Digitizer
Digitizer and Film Printer Machines Unit.

There are three ranges of x-ray machines in use, namely: Conventional, Computed Radiography and Digital (Direct) Radiography.

X-Ray machine in operation.

These are used for all types of x-ray radiographic studies, e.g. musculo-skeletal, special procedures such as Hysterosalpingography (HSG), Urethrography (RUG and MCUG), etc. Special procedures such as HSG, RUG etc, are carried out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

X-Ray Technician with patient x-rays at reception.


Mammography Machine being set up.

Breast screening for lesions such as malignancies which is done with modified x-ray, using low energy machines.


This is a dynamic study (imaging) which may employ the use of contrast media. Examples of such studies include Barium Studies (meal, enema, etc), HSG, and others.

C.T. (Computed Tomography)

The CT scan also utilizes modified x-ray cross-sectional machine. All parts of the body are subject to CT scan.


MRI is expected to be available in the near future.


Dr. Sam D. Dawha, HOD/Consultant Radiologist

The department is headed by Dr. Sam D. Dawha, born on 14th may 1975 at Hawul Local Government area of Borno state. His special Interest is in Neuro-vascular imaging.

Dr. Sam D. Dawha



Dr. Muhammad A. Madu (Senior Consultant Radiologist)

He has served more than once as the Head of Clinical Services of the Centre. He is from Biu in Borno State and was born in 1964.

Dr. Muhammad Auwal Muhammad

Born 27th September 1975 at Potiskum in Yobe State.


His special interest is Abdominal Radiology.