The Radiology Department is under the clinical service as the department responsible for Radiological Diagnoses and Interventional Procedures. The procedures and Diagnoses are done using specialized radiological equipment.

New Radiology Complex
Radiology Complex



This involves the use of ultrasound machines for the study of the following body parts:

  • Abdominopelvic Scan
  • Breast Scan
  • Pelvic Scan
  • Obstetrics Scan
  • Doppler Scan
  • Prostate Scan,
  • Thyroid Scan
  • Trans Fontanel Scan
  • Transvaginal Scan
  • Occular Scan
  • Soft Tissue Scan
  • Tarnscranial
  • Scrotal Scan

Ultrasound Scanning


  1. Scan
    • Intavenous Urography (I.V.U)
    • (H.S.G)
    • Micturatingcytourethrography (MCUG)
    • Retrograde Urethrography (RUG)
    • Fistulography
    • Mammography
    • Barium Swallow, Meal, Enema and Follow Through
  2. Chest
    • Chest AP/PA
    • Chest X-Ray (Digital)
    • Thoracic Inlet
  3. Abdomen
    • Abdomen (Digital)
    • Abdomen
    • Abdomen Erect and Supine
  4. Pelvis
    • Pelvis AP
    • Pelvic AP/LAT
    • Hip Joint AP/LAT
  5. Skull
    • Skull AP/LAT
    • TMJ
    • Paranasal Sinuses
    • Post Natal Space
    • Mandible/Jaw
    • Matoid Bone
    • Nasal Bone
    • Orbit
  6. Cervical
    • Cervical AP/LAT
    • Soft Tissue Nect AP/LAT
  7. Thoracic
    • Thoracic Inlet/Outlet
    • Thoracic Spine AP/LAT
    • Thoraco Lumber AP/LAT
  8. Lumbar
    • Lumbar Sacral Spine AP/LAT
    • Sacral Bone AP/LAT
  9. Upper Limb
    • Hand/Finger AP/LAT
    • Wrist Joint AP/LAT
    • Arm/Humerus AP/LAT
    • Forearm AP/LAT
    • Elbow Joint AP/LAT
    • Clavicle
    • Shoulder Joint AP/LAT
  10. Lower Limb
    • Femur/Thigh AP/LAT
    • Knee joint AP/LAT
    • Leg AP/LAT
    • Ankle joint AP/LAT
    • Foot AP/LAT
Mammo Digitizer
Digitizer and Film Printer Machines Unit

X-Ray machine in operation


Mammography Machine being set up

Breast screening for lesions such as malignancies which is done with modified x-ray, using low energy machines.


This is a dynamic study (imaging) which may employ the use of contrast media. Examples of such studies include Barium Studies (meal, enema, etc), HSG, and others.

C.T. (Computed Tomography)

The CT scan also utilizes modified x-ray cross-sectional machine. All parts of the body are subject to CT scan.


The following machines are currently available and functioning

  1. Conventional Analogue X-Ray Machine
  2. Manual and Automatic Film Processors
  3. Mobile X-Ray Machine
  4. Floor-Mounted Digital X-Ray Machine with Computed Radiography Machine
  5. Four Ultrasonography Machines
  6. Multi Slice (16) Computed Tomography Machine
  7. Mammography Machine


New Radiology Complex
Dr. Muhammad Auwal Muhammad