Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State - Nigeria

Efficient Healthcare to Humanity


The Department used to occupy offices at different locations with dispersed folders till Management built the modern H.I.M building with two large folder libraries and offices.


The Records Department is the first point of contact for patients with the Hospital. It is under the Clinical Services Directorate. The Department handles accurate documentation of patients and subsequent care of patient records in folders. The Library and other archives contain folders for all patients from the first to the last registered under strict care.
Patients are given a unique continuous Unit Number that allows very easy access to their folders when they come for consultation. Dedicated staff retrieve folders for clinicians and other personnel and store them back after the patient is treated. A folder can be traced using it's tracer card, which is kep in its location once the folder is taken out, thus folders are almost never lost.

The Department of Records is on duty 24 hours; it's staff work 3 shifts (morning, afternoon and night) continuously, especially in the Accident & Emergency and the Gynae Emergency, where patients come at all hours of the day for treatment.


The Department also handles generation of health information statistics for the Management and other bodies in its Statitics and Monitoring & Evaluation Units. This information is vital for accurate and effective health planning.