Federal Medical Centre Azare

Bauchi State

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The Works and Maintenance Unit ensures, routine preventive and corrective maintenance of all facilities and equipmen in the Centre.

Staff of Electrical Section working on a power junction

The unit is subdivided in to the following sections:

  1. Plumbing Section
  2. The Plumbing Section deals with all plumbing repairs and maintenance in the Center. It also deals with the supply of water within the Center and it's Staff Quarters
  3. Electrical Section
  4. The Electrical Section deals with the repairs and maintenance of all electrical fittings & Items in the Center. it also centrols the flow and supply of electricity to the equipments within the Center.
  5. Mechanical Section
  6. The Mechanical section deals with the repairs and maintenance of all plants, and mechenical equipments in the Center. the equipments incluudes all vehicles. the section ensures the efficint functioring of these plants through providing proventive and correcton maintenance on them.
  7. Building Section
  8. The Buiding Section deals with the repairs maintenance and reconstriction of faulty buiding facilities in the Center. The facilities includes dranages,septic tanks, soakaways and all structural elements. it also deals with the construction of new facilities.
  9. Biomedical Section
  10. The Biomedical Section deals with the repairs and maintenance of all biomedical equipment in the Center
  11. Estate Section
  12. The Estate Section deals with the managing of all the estate facilities of the Center. it supervises the allocation of the quarters to staff and the activities carried out or execused in every buiding of the cenre.
  13. Carpentry Section
  14. The Carpentary section deals with the repairs and maintenance of all carpentary fithings in the Center.

Gen House: Plant operator operating a Center generator.

Generally, the Works Unit is responsible for organizing preventive maintenance of the hospital building, services, utilities and equipment. It is also handles:

Welding inside the Workshop.


A maintenance team consists of a mason, carpenter, plumber, electrician and labourer. Its led by a technical officer. A complaint from user department is submitted using a job form. The concerned section sends a staff to evaluate the complaint. he makes a report required material is sourced for using his cost estimate.

Mechanical section: supervisor and mechanic fixing call duty car.

After getting the material, the maintenance team goes to tackle the job. After completion, a job card is filled which is signed by the user department. Thus, the Works Department functions every hour of every day to ensure smooth running of essential and other services within the Center.


There are different procedure for executing maintenance in the Center which include:

  1. Routine check by the staff of the Works & Maintenance Unit. In this process, staff of the W&M Unit go round the Center observing items for repairs which are noted and taken to the Workshop for the execution of the repairs.
  2. Filling and submission of a complaint form: A complaint form is given to all clinics and offices in the Center which are filled by the conplainant and submitted to the Works & Maintenance for executing the repairs.
  3. Directly contacting staff of the Works and Maintenance unit. in these process, complaint is noted to the staff of the Works and Maintenance Unit which then assess and the necessary action is taken.
  4. Forwarding the request for maintenance through formal request through Management, these includes writing formal request for maintenance which is directed to the Works and Maintenance Unit for the necessaray action to be taken.


Works and Maintenance is headed by Engr. Umar Farouq who hails from Azare town.