The Information Technology Unit has an interesting history. It started as a computer room in the Finance Department to process salaries and issue staff ID cards. This was in the early 2000's and a dot matrix printer was used to print out payment details and payslips. At the time, there was only one staff who worked with the Salaries and Wages Unit to process monthly salary, enter variations and handle the copious printouts of bank schedules and payslips.

The IT Unit is now currently under the Office of the Medical Director with website supervision under the Office of the Head of Administration.


The IT Unit handles and coordinates all works that has to do with computers and it's accesosories. It handles both Hardware and Software acquisition/installation, maintenance and repair, etc. to enable it carry out it function efficiently the Unit is subdivided into 4 sections

  • Software and Applications.
  • Network and Internet.
  • Repairs and Maintenance.
  • General Computer Duties.


This section handles Software and applications, acquisition and installation of programs, administers email, website design and development, managing of centre's website and coordinating relevant software issues of the Centre.

Shithu and Sadiq putting final touches to website.

Networking Section:

Handles the Centre's Local Area Network and wireless internet services

General Computer Duties

Repairs and Maintenance Section:

Repairs of Center's computers, printers and other accessories. General maintenance, backup and troubleshooting.

SIWES Training

The Unit trains students on SIWES/IT, mostly from the Aminu Saleh College of Education in the town, but also from Universities and Polytechnics in the State Capital and beyond.